Dark Times? Five Ways a CDFA Can Help Brighten Your Future

Finances are often the biggest part of any divorce. You may benefit from engaging the services of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, even for a few hours. How can they help you? A few of the benefits of using a CDFA are:
1. A CDFA can walk you through the divorce process, how it works, time frames, and point to the documents you will need, especially if you are filing pro se or without legal representation.
2. Concerned about your expenses? A CDFA can help you establish a budget, for both before and after the divorce.
3. What about stock options and other company benefits? A CDFA is trained to review company perks that are provided to many executives as well as longer-term employees. Many of these may be marital property, and you may be entitled to receive some of them, especially upon liquidation.
4. Taxes are often a vexing problem. A CDFA can point out the income tax issues with various assets, such as rental property depreciation recapture, capital gains upon selling the house, or the cost of selling low basis stocks that have gained in value.
5. What about the overall settlement? A CDFA can show you different financial scenarios, based on dividing marital assets in different ways. Your financial future may be different based on how you divide the property.
Invest in your financial future – consider using a CDFA to help you navigate through the tangled thicket of money and divorce!

About wendy

Wendy W. Spencer, CFP, CDFA is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a family law mediator who helps divorcing individuals, couples, and families to review and obtain more sensible settlement options. Ms. Spencer also helps these families to resolve their differences through mediation and/or participation in the collaborative divorce process. For the convenience of clients throughout the Denver metro area, Ms. Spencer has two offices - one in Arvada and one in Southeast Denver.
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