Mediation is Really a Craft

Mediators are third-party neutrals that facilitate discussions between two disputing individuals. The mediator can help the parties understand each others issues and is fair to both parties. A good mediator can potentially suggest different solutions, and can explain the pros and cons of certain decisions, although the mediator does not necessarily offer an opinion o the decision. Moreover, the mediator helps clients discover if there are any hidden issues that can derail a settlement, and may craft the agreement. Using various techniques, mediators may be able to help their clients discover agreement points, and engage them in working on solutions for those points still in contention. Mediation often seems to me like a craft – carefully moving the parts to become a whole that can be both beautiful and useful.

About wendy

Wendy W. Spencer, CFP, CDFA is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a family law mediator who helps divorcing individuals, couples, and families to review and obtain more sensible settlement options. Ms. Spencer also helps these families to resolve their differences through mediation and/or participation in the collaborative divorce process. For the convenience of clients throughout the Denver metro area, Ms. Spencer has two offices - one in Arvada and one in Southeast Denver.
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