Doormat or Doberman?

When the word “divorce” is paired with other words, such as “dignity” and “respect”, do you automatically think of the tired old oxymoron “Army Intelligence?” Do you have to be nasty and resort to becoming a pit bull to get a fair settlement? Or, should you give in to all demands, just so you don’t have to deal with the volatile emotions of your hopefully soon to be ex? Actually, I think it is possible divorce with dignity and respect. I have seen many couples that have mediated their cases with me in a caring and constructive manner. It wasn’t that they didn’t have disagreements, disputes or anger. The difference was that they were willing to talk, really talk, during mediation, about the part of the settlement was important to them and why. They were willing to negotiate. They were also open to considering different solutions, such as a different division of assets, variations of time frames, receiving different tax benefits, or other sorts of trade offs. I have seen people divorce with dignity, respect, and, yes, believe it or not, even class.

About wendy

Wendy W. Spencer, CFP, CDFA is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a family law mediator who helps divorcing individuals, couples, and families to review and obtain more sensible settlement options. Ms. Spencer also helps these families to resolve their differences through mediation and/or participation in the collaborative divorce process. For the convenience of clients throughout the Denver metro area, Ms. Spencer has two offices - one in Arvada and one in Southeast Denver.
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